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Now Taking Deposits!!

Olivia gave birth to her litter of 100% Juliana Mini pigs we have 3 Boys and 3 Girls. To place a deposit on the pet mini pig of your dreams go to our catalog.




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Olivia and Wilber

Olivia and Wilber have successfully mated and we will be expecting a new litter soon. "NEW Update!!!" Olivia delivered 3 boys and 3 girls all healthy.




Recent News

They have arrived!

Olivia gave birth on 8/23/2011. We have 3 boys and 3 girls all 100% Juliana Mini Pigs.


The Jones Family Farms Mini Juliana Pig's



Welcome to our web site for our Juliana mini pigs. In our web site you will learn about the Juliana pig (the smallest of all potbelly pigs). You will also find information about their care and rasing them as a family pet. We will also have Little mini Juliana pig's for sale as litters are available. Enjoy the site and contact us if you have any questions.

We have a new littler of Juliana Mini pigs born 8/23/2011 that will be for sale soon. Visit the babies photo album for photos of them. i will be adding photos to the catalog page and setting prices in the next few days so that you can make a deposit and reserve your mini Juliana pig.


Dennis and Carla Jones

Juliana Pigs

  • The Juliana Pig - also known as the Miniature Painted pig or mini Juliana is a very rare breed of tiny pig.  They are an old breed of pig originating in Europe and were imported to the USA years ago. They have been endangered several times but thanks to good breeders you can still find them today. They are always spotted but come in a variety of colors: white with black spots, silver with black spots, rust or red with black spots, white with rust spots, etc. Juliana pigs are supposed to have a very outgoing and friendly personality like a dog. They are highly intelligent and make great pets. The Juliana is one of the smallest breeds of pigs so make great house pets.
  • There is plenty of controversy over the 'teacup' sized pigs right now. Some people who have smaller potbellies (90-120) pounds will claim the piglets they have for sale will only be 40 or 50 pounds or claim the are Juliana pigs. Juliana pigs are not of the potbelly breed they are a breed of there own.
  • Other people will claim there is not such thing as a healthy pig under 60 pounds. Still others will claim there is no such thing as a purebred Juliana in this country. I guess my answer to all of this is go and see for yourself. There is a distinct difference between the three varieties - and yes the Juliana's really are small pigs! I have had the opportunity to own several Juliana pigs. The average size tends to be in the 25 - 50 pound range. Purebred Juliana can be as large as 60 pounds and as small as 15 pounds.
  • A few words of caution when buying a pet pig. Never buy a piglet without looking at the parents/relatives and knowing there may be a possibility the pig will get quite large. Never buy from a breeder who does not agree to take back the pig at any point in it's life if you cannot keep it - there are too many abandoned pigs out there for breeders not to be willing to take back any animal they have produced. Talk in person or on the phone to the breeder and make sure you have confidence that they know what they are producing and can help match you up with a good piglet. If you want a Juliana expect it to be a 30 pound pig, yes some are smaller but if you are not willing to keep a 30 pound pig do not get a pig. Even if both parents are only 20 pounds it does not mean the piglet will be as small.  RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH!!!! Do not buy a pet pig on the spur of the moment, they need attention, leadership, discipline and above all loving commitment.

Our Pigs

  • Our male pig is Wilbur (aka Horvey) can be seen in our photo's area. He was an inside pet and is house trained however we have decided because of his small size and pleasant temperament that he would be a good father to our little pig's. He is a very smart and friendly little guy who loves to have his belly rubbed.
  • Our female Olivia can also be seen in the photos area and is just a little princess, she is expecting her first litter and she is just the cutest little thing. She is small in size and timid and shy in nature. We think she will be an excellent mother.

New Litters

  • We will from time to time have litters available for sale as pets or for breeding. Pigs can have up to 3 litters per year, however we don't want to work our babies that hard. We are not running a piggy mill we are responsible breeders.
  • We do offer a waiting list option for those interested in securing one of our Mini Juliana piglets. All pigs sold as pets will be neutered and vet checked before they are delivered. Piglets sold for breeding will be vet checked.

Other products

  • In the near future in addition to selling Juliana mini pigs we plan to offer a whole line of feed and care products and accessories for your mini pig needs so check back often and see what's new.

Pig Info Pages

  • In our Juliana pig info pages you will find additional information on rasing an caring for a pet Juliana mini pig as well as a wide range of topics. Look around and learn as much as you can before making the decision to have a Juliana mini pig as a pet. An informed owner is a good owner.




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